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02-26-2012, 10:54 AM
Just wanted to share with everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting a "newbie" CW family member. Jon Sullivan came by yesterday and I gave him a 4hr class on the CW "Basics" and he seemed happy with all the information he picked up (took alot of notes.. ha). He is still interested in learning more about DXF and STL files as he's trying to decide and which program to buy first for his guitar building. Jon is a guitar builder and some of the guitars that he has built without the CW are very very awesome. Personally, I rate him up there with Liquid Guitars (Brandon). Jon puchased his used CW not long ago and decided to put it to use on his guitar carving so it'll free up some of his time working other guitar parts & assembly. He has a website and youtube videos where he has a nice following of other guitar builders. All of this he does part time as he also has a real job (Software Designer) and hopes to one day do this full time. It was a pleasure to meet him and hope to continue sharing information and knowledge with him. I told him about using the Forum as this is the other BIG value of the CW. He is interested in hearing from other guitar builders (hasn't had too much response) and is open to sharing ideas and stuff in building guitars. I'll try and find out what his "handle" is on the forum as I believe he's told me he has been on here a few times, but not much. I'll see if I can get him to post pics of some of his guitars that he's made and I'm sure they'll blow you away just like some of the others we've seen on here. Of course I also pushed the upcoming Conference in Houston so I'm going to keep "tabs" on him and keep him informed as the date approaches. Thanks for letting me share on our new Carveoholic.

02-28-2012, 03:54 PM
I definitely had a great time meeting with ya, and I really appreciate the opportunity to do so. I definitely took notes (and some video, as you know), and Iím sure itís going to be helpful.

Thanks for the kind words about my guitar work; if anyone else is interested, you can see what I do at www.sullyguitars.us (http://www.sullyguitars.us). I plan on continuing to read up on the forums and will certainly be posting more as I get going. Since I have a limited amount of time for building guitars at the moment, the more I can automate some things, the better.