View Full Version : We need cut motors, please

02-21-2012, 02:44 PM
We need cut motors (SPINDLE MOTOR ASSEMBLY part # MWM A2011) that we can remanufacture. These can be broken, but need to include all of the parts (cracked casing is okay).

Please, include:

1.) a copy of your original ORDER
2.) completed Return Rebate Form (one per Order) <<CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FORM>> Rebates no longer available after January 31, 2016.

If the order was within the last 75 days, you have a choice of CREDIT CARD REFUND or IN-STORE CREDIT (otherwise known as GIFT CERTIFICATE).

If the order was outside of the last 75 days, you will only be issued an IN-STORE CREDIT. Credit card refunds are no longer eligible per credit card company policies.

Send items to:

LHR Technologies
4930 Allen Genoa Rd. Ste D
Pasadena TX 77504