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11-30-2011, 10:34 AM
I've got a non working "A" machine. I picked it up at a pawn shop a while back. The story I was told is that it was bought by an old man who had cancer. His health declined and he never used it. It sat unboxed on his bench. There is no dust in the machine. I bought it as a back up for parts. I have no idea what's wrong with it. I can tell you that there is a cable in back that looks like it has been damaged by mice. I would still like to keep it, but money is tight and it's Christmas time.

I do not have the box for it. I will crate it, and I'm no stranger to building crates. Shoot me an offer. You will have to pay shipping. It includes a card and a programmer. The best way to contact me would be by email, brown8605@gmail.com as I'm at work and won't have time to check the forum much. I can email you pictures tonight if you would like them. I'm near Rockford IL if you wanted to pick it up locally.

Thanks for looking!

11-30-2011, 03:36 PM
Used Machines were going for around $500.00 and broken machines even less. Since LHR came out with the $999.00 New "C" Model Offer it has made the used machine market a little softer....

As for Sawdust... All machines have cut wood at the factory so there will be some wood dust and the Cut Motor could have about 20 minutes on it... With a BAD Cable it is a Crap Shoot if you plug it in.... A Shorted wire could Smoke the Power Supply or computer... So plugging it in without a proper evaluation is a major risk.

Due to shipping Craig's List is a selling option for 1. Shipping and 2. We are informed buyers and know the true value to your machine is about $300.00 or less. You would do better on Craig's List....

Since you listed your location you very likely will get a local from the Forum to buy it. The CarveWright Machines drop in Value more than the New Car's first drive off the New Car Lot.... Mostly due to no Warranty from LHR and the market is flooded with used machines that the seller thinks is worth close to the new price... I bought machine 2, 3, and 4 for close to $500.00 each 2 years ago when they had more value.

Speaking of VALUE.... What a Woodworker can do with a machine is PRICELESS.... I am almost at $20K for the year with my machines. Almost everything I do in my Shop has a part that is touched by the CW.

Good Luck,