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01-18-2007, 10:21 PM
I have read all the threads at least twice in the past two weeks and am getting my Sears compucarve tomorrow (maybe) as I see other people have had orders and not gotten them but are delayed until Feb. I hope I am not on that list or the list where it doesn't work right out of the box. If I am I will be back on this thread and everyone will know about it. But I am hoping for the best as I already have projects done in the designer that I am waiting to carve out. Photos on plaques....I am just trying to find some sort of software where I can make the photos have more relief than just the greyscale which doesn't do photos any justice. Can;t find any programs on the net but I am sure the CIA or FBI has a program that will work for what I need. Maybe even NASA has something but I am sure they won't share (Area 51 I suppose). But if anyone out there has some idea as to how to accomplsh reliefs from photos and get a good type of engraving I would really appreciate the info. Thanks in advance.

01-19-2007, 09:07 AM
Bob C,

I don't know about the CIA or FBI, but most of us use a vector graphics program to such things and it works great. Grey scale IS HOW those carving tones are made (check into some of Jon's work). The reason photos don't work is the tones of grey are not done for depth, but for visual 2d looks and they often are not the same. It takes time, knowledge, and patience to get the right gradients in the right place to make the proper curves, but as you should see from the various show works, it can very nicely be done.