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01-18-2007, 12:03 PM
I am among the ranks of those getting the machine soon!? Sears has went round and round with delivery dates - losing only 1 order for me so far - looks like maybe someday next week (week of January 22nd).

Here is my question, should I stop at just one machine or should I get two. I am hoping to make a go with this machine, but fear not being able to deliver on orders if my machine breaks. Does anyone think having 2 machines is overkill and that I am risking having a larger investment that is unfounded or am I being smart and hedging my bet? The wife is pushing for the second machine (go figure).

The other option is to wait for the next generation or the professional version. I haven't read anything about either to lead me to wait for either.


01-18-2007, 12:12 PM
If you intend to use this as a production machine to churn out lots of parts, then I would recommend a second machine as the parts created while one machine is down would quickly recoup the cost. Keep in mind, while people are making money with their machines, this is not intended to see heavy use as is evident by their warranty. You will need to do routine preventative maintenance (once a day) to ensure the longevity of a machine in a demanding environment. Depending on your type of projects and potential profit margin, you might be bettered served with a more robust machine meant for the production environment.


Julie Coffey
01-18-2007, 12:26 PM
I don't think its a odd question at all- I have several back up tools that I use on my frequent production work. And as stated, if used intelligently they will pay for themselves.

I would probably error on the side of caution though, get one get familiar with it first then decide if you really want to invest in yourself with another one.

It appears that they will be more available here in the very near future, so availability ought not be the issue. Its just the ironing out of the wrinkles which the CW people have dedicated themselves to do.

I personally will use mine see how it goes and decide if I will be better suited to purchase a second or save and invest in a larger more commercial model. Best of luck with your choices.


01-18-2007, 12:28 PM

And that machine would cost in the tens if not hundreds of thousand dollars too. Even those have their problems.


01-18-2007, 12:41 PM
Without knowing what he intends to do and what type of part volume he expects to generate, I was merely presenting options. Obviously those machines have a purpose as there are plenty of those $100k+ machines purchased and in use generating lots of revenue for those companies.

People need to understand the capabilities and limitations of this machine. And what steps they can take to get the most out of their CarveWright/CompuCarve machine when pushing it beyond its intended audience.

I'm the type of guy who likes to push things and see what they can do with proper optimization, but also understand that my equipment may not have the same life expectancy of the average user. I've done the research and made that call. I just wanted to help others make an informed decision.


01-18-2007, 02:03 PM
Thanks for the input! I see both Rob's and Bob's points, plus it is cool to say that. Truthfully, I am not completely sure what I am going to do with the machine myself. Big Dreamer sometimes. The hope would be to evolve into something large enough to afford a larger/high-end machine that is made for production work. But isn't it more economical to outsource any major work to some over seas manufacturer? This machine is priced just right for proof of concept and prototyping.

If nothing else I will surely be the guy to know around Christmas time. "Hey have you been nice to Greg lately, he can make you an awesome sign!"


01-18-2007, 02:57 PM
Well, talked myself into it...<- Funny part inserted here -> Sears website says it is in stock. Went all the way to the payment screen screen and BOOM - We're sorry this item is out of stock. Huh, it just said it was in stock. Internet goof, lets try again. Nope. Again, nope. Seems the website has a problem with what in-stock means.

Puts me back in - "So let's think about this some more" mode. Really hoping my original order shows up from the first of January. You lucky carvers!


01-18-2007, 03:10 PM
Since you don't have a specific plan for this machine, I'd go with Bob's recommendation of getting 1 machine to play with/learn on and as need warrants, get a second CarveWright or larger production machine if/when the time comes. Though I must say, at the sale price of $1699 and 12mon deferred interest, I wouldn't mind a whole family of machines hehe 8)


Still awaiting my order as well. It was supposed to be here yesterday, but the salesman entered the order date as March 7 (when my table saw is supposed to arrive). Got it reordered and should be here next Wed. Really a shame CW chose one of the worst retailers as the first to market their product.

01-18-2007, 03:48 PM

I'm sure that a city the size of Branson has a local SEARS store, doesn't it? I'll bet they might even have or can get one for you with a lot better service than doing it OnLine over the Internet.


01-18-2007, 04:42 PM
Bob, Sadly enough Branson may sound big, but it ain't. We are small enough not to have one. We do have Yakov and Andy Williams though! But they don't sell tools. There is a large store in Springfield, Mo about 45 miles away. What benefit does ordering from a real person have in this case? I am by no way opposed to driving the extra distance (after calling first).

Rob, How did you get the $1699 price? I signed up for the Craftsman Club, but won't have any cards or such for several weeks. I asked one of the phone people at Sears about a discount and they told me that they didn't know anything about it. That would be a great price and help along the 2nd machine scenerio.

01-18-2007, 05:03 PM
Two weeks ago they had the unit on sale for $1799 and Craftsman Club $100 discount. I already have a Craftsman Club card and Sears charge for the deferred interest. I have read of others inquiring about the discount and a sales associate will just use their club card number for the extra $100 off(that a good enough reason to visit a store? :) ). Remember these guys work on commission and will try to keep your business (though sometimes I do wonder about those clowns). I have heard rumors that Sears will be doing another $200 off sale the end of this month.


01-18-2007, 08:29 PM
I plan to use it for part of my business of Laser Engraving, Sublimation and soon V Carved Signs. I thought seriously of getting 2 machines. In fact after ordering from the www.Sears.com/carve web page number and only getting full price, I talked to Customer Service that evening and put another one on order at the club price. In the tail chase of the first one this morning, it's still not in the Sears system..... They flagged my first one for deletion but if it shows up I would most likely keep it. The /carve number "appears" to be just a order taking company, they are not SEARS. They batch dump the orders into the Sears system.

With my Sublimation equipment, I am just starting up. For Christmas. I made a bunch of color plaques with pictures on them, coffee cups, mouse pads, license plates. 90% samples and stuff for friends. Right before Christmas my Epson R1800 printer started showing some plugged heads. The special ink for Sublimation is thicker. I was effectively shut down and I still had some orders to do. In my panic I bid on 3 printers on eBay.... Won 2.... oops.... But in reality, it is better to have a backup. Plus now with the 3rd printer I can print Card Stock to make packaging.

Now on another side of this 2 unit shop.... Resale Value.... I believe the units will hold there value for years.