View Full Version : Wow! First Sign On The First Try!

01-17-2007, 08:43 PM
I ordered my machine from Sears Thursday (1/11) and picked it up yesterday (1/16). I read the manual all day today and lurked this site a bunch. I was very aprehensive at first and checked all the nuts, bolts and screws (all were tight). Everything went acording to plan. I made a simple sign and couldn't wait for the 27 minutes to pass! I'm impressed with the results even though the small text didn't come out too good. I changed the bit optimization to best, cleaned the machine and the second sign came out much better.
FWIW - I noticed the maual shows a 3-prong plug on all diagrams (cover, page 12,13,14 & 37), but mine came with a 2-prong plug. I'm concerned about the static thing.
Thanks for all your posts. The info is great.