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Wood Butcher
01-16-2007, 08:34 AM
Waiting, breathlessly for my new machine.
Feb 3 due date.
Head full of ideas and a few projects already saved in the demo.
Iím looking forward to posting photos of projects soon.
My buddy just received his Sunday. DOA. No LED display.
I donít believe in omens. Iím looking forward to MANY long hours
of enjoyment with tool.
You guys that post frequently with good information are invaluable to us new guys.
I hope that my future post meet the high standards you have set.

01-16-2007, 09:28 AM
Welcome-cross those fingers & keep 'em. Stick around, it gets interesting here. :D

Ron Smith
01-16-2007, 10:13 AM
Iím looking forward to MANY long hours
of enjoyment with tool.

Most of us having the machine awhile have had some ups and downs, but my good experiences have more than outweighed the bad, by far. The quick response by the technical support, as well as the other folks here on the forum have gotten me through the bumps. My experience has given me only this advice ... don't expect the machine to be perfect and the results to look like a laser engraving. It's like most other machines and needs some tweaking here and there, and a little help cleaning up the finished product, like most woodworking projects. When I first contacted the LHR folks, we discussed the carvings looking like they were "hand-carved" and they do. Some designs and fonts take it a lot better than others and you'll have to experiment. I believe, with patience, you'll come to enjoy it immensely. Good Luck and may the favorable omen gods be with you.


Wood Butcher
01-16-2007, 08:27 PM
Thank You Ron and Pkunk.
I am no stranger to R&D, programming or failure mode analysis.
From what Iíve seen this machine is capable of some amazing things. The reports of the excellent customer support and staff dedication to their customers is important. I have read the stories of the problems people have had. If the support wasnít there S---s would be up to their butts in returned machines.
Regardless, this product is worth the time to learn and a few bugs along the way make things interesting.

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