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01-12-2007, 01:04 PM
I have been doing alot of reading since i ordered mine on sunday. I went to pick it up yesterday(thursday) tried it out in the store before I took it home, for two hours!

I live in ontario canada and had to go all the way to new york state to pick it up, I was that impressed by the video and the commercial.

Well in the store I got it to work from an object in the library YAY for me.

I packed it up spent almost an hour getting thru customs, dont ask.

get home unpacked it set it up happy as a pig in dodo.

start to do one of the many projects that I had ready(or so I thought) it looked like crap. for many reasons.

1. some of the wood that should have been taken away was still finely attached so I had to pull it off, thought to myself ok so some fine tuning.

2. it came out sideways must have been how I did it in the program no big deal note to self.

3. some of the parts of it were deeper than others (during my reading I found out that it is because of grey scale) so i have to make my pics black and white before i import them to designer.

and lastly there was one fine line within the carving that was there in spots and not in other spots i found a post that refered to this a little so i tried using the pattern outliner but I could not figure out how to make that line a little bigger so it would be there for the whole thing.

ok so i know I have only had it for one day BTW I should be at work right now LOL.

I really want this to work, but I need help. Actually knowing how I am and how I learn I really need to talk to someone who can walk me thru (over the phone on my dime would be preferred) what I need to do to an image to make it work.

and one more thing since last night I have tried a number of combonations and have not been able to finish another project without the z or y stopping it and not being able to resume.

Please help me I really need it for a couple of reasons,

1. I got my brother in law to go in on it with me because I was so excited and I don't want to let him down.

2. sears want 15% to restock it if I return it.

3. I spent 250.00 in duty and canadian tax that I am sure the government will not give me back.

Bottom line is I want it to work and I do not have a background in it at all, so I need to do it over the phone ( I will pay) just so I can understand better.

Please help me
like my name doesn't say it all

01-12-2007, 04:41 PM
Like with most new mechanical items, I'd strongly recommend that before you take on heavy self designed projects that you stick with the simple ones and particularly the ones that can be made with the included Library and Favorites. That way you can tell what the machine is doing and know it's probably not due to your design. Also, as you are discovering, this is a mightly good place to ask questions and learn about the machine, how it works, how it's supposed to work, if yours doesn't seem to do what you wish it to, and then how to design your own work and even have someone check it for you prior to putting it into the machine to attack wood.


01-12-2007, 08:52 PM
I spoke to CW and I am sending it back to them for service I was told it was an encoding issue. we shall see

The Bard
01-13-2007, 01:23 AM
Tim, when your machine comes in I'll get on it asap and we're sorry about that. Don't let this setback slow you down though, it's a great machine. Periodically here we "test" machines by making our own designs and goofing around with it.

Buzz me here if you have any questions about it and I'll get right back with you. Be sure and pick the brains of the peeps in here too, they know more about it than I do LOL.