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01-07-2007, 05:45 PM
I'm a newbie here so I hope I'm not asking questions that have been answered and I missed them. I've read a lot of the posts and I see pros and cons for purchasing from Sears. The two questions I have are: 1. If I have any problems or questions will I be working with Sears tech support or can I call directly to CarveWright for the answers? I puschase a lot of items from Sears but in the past there were times I had trouble finding someone that could answer technical questions about my purchase. 2. If something major should go wrong does it go back to Sears for service or can it be sent to CarveWright where someone that is trained will be working on it? Thanks in advance for any help with the answers.[/u]

01-07-2007, 09:54 PM
carvewright is the people to call if you can get in .
If you just have general questions the form can help a great deal , but carvewright does the repair work.

01-07-2007, 11:49 PM
Thanks Dan. I've had good luck with Sears appliances and tools but a couple of times the service dept sucked. I've been reading the postings and there are a lot of good questions, comments, and answers in here. I'm sure I'll have more after I buy a machine and get started.

01-09-2007, 10:15 PM
Thought there might be some others out there with this same question.... whether to buy from Sears or the Mfg direct. For me it looked like a straight forward decision of either pay $50 shipping from mfg or $180 sales tax from Sear. (based on same $1899 price either way) I was going to save for a couple of months and buy from the Mfg and hopefully have the money by the time they called notifying me that one was available. HOWEVER..... I talked a little bit with Sears, checked their website etc and discovered by talking with a very helpful salesman (which is rare for Sears) that there was currently a sale on till the end of this week. Machine for $1799 and that there was also a promotion for 12 month No payment, no interest. Now it looked a little bit better.... $30 more to get "free" financing which would get the machine now (or at least soon) and pay as I come up with the money. The salesman was so great that when I renewed my old closed Sears account, I got $10 applied to my first purchase (ie CompuCarve), another $5 discount that I don't know where it came from, and he also checked to find that the Craftsman club members also were receiving $100 off on top of the sale price. Not being a Craftsman Club member yet, he used his own card and got the extra savings for me. I wound up paying a total of $1860 ($1685 plus tax) and will pick it up at the store when it comes in. I will have to wait just like everyone else, but have the best deal I've seen or even heard of and will have the whole year to pay for it if I need it. Thought some of the others out there that have been drooling heavily as I have for over a week might want to know about this. In talking with those at the factory they claim there will be no disadvantages to going through Sears for the initial purchase. I am hoping to have this wonderful "lust of the eye" by the middle or end of the month if all goes well. :lol: Meanwhile, I am trying to short circuit the learning curve with the software buy trying a few things and downloading forum projects to learn from and listen to all the pro/ams that have hopefully made mistakes and shared them so I won't have to make quite as many. I am really enjoying the forum and hope to contribute something meaningful in return. Thanks to all the forum members who share.