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Shawn Gillies
12-27-2006, 08:00 PM
I removed the message for now...


12-27-2006, 09:40 PM
Sorry to hear about your problems Shawn, I had a ton of problems with mine when I first got it, of course as always the guys at Carvewright were very helpful getting my problems solved. But, that only goes so far.

Just this weekend I had to scrap two projects because of errors. Plus in cleaning the unit I noticed that a wire inside on the replacement machine that I was sent had a bare spot that had been taped up with black electrical tape. :roll: I have tried to be upbeat about this new product but sometimes you can only take so much. This machine that I have now is the third machine that I have received from them, the last one was damaged in shipping due to poor packaging practices, the first one I had to work on alot before sending it back.
It would seem to me that alot of these problems would have been found out before they went on the market, I was never told that I was a Beta tester as well, at the time of the sale at the woodworking show, I was told that I got the "show special" price, with no mention of being a Beta Tester . I was a little taken back after hearing on this forum that the folks who purchased the machine when it first came out were Beta testers, If that was the case I would have never purchased the machine until the bugs were worked out, I have enough work on my own to do without having to help a new company field test a machine on my dime. :wink: