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12-21-2006, 04:51 PM
On the results section there is a picture carved in what looks like white plastic. Where do you buys this type of plastic, I cant say I've ever seen any things like it. Also what have you found is the best wood for carving.

12-21-2006, 09:09 PM
I believe the picture in white is done in white polycarbonate. There are different brands of polycarbonate, but Lexan is probably the most popular. You can also use white acrylic. Look for a local plastics supplier that has plastic sheeting. I buy mine locally from Bruce Plastics, Inc. www.bruce-plastics.com.

Ted Grinnell
12-22-2006, 02:00 PM
I buy Acrylic Translucent 1/4" plastic. I have just completed my 30th picture on the same carving bit. They look great.

You should be able to get the plastic from a local plastic supply warehouse.

I get mine from AL-FLA Plastics here in Mobile Alabama.

I am working on constructing my own backlit frames, and will advise when I come up with an economical solution.

Hope this helps.