View Full Version : So how noisy is it?

12-17-2006, 04:58 PM
I have read many of the forum comments and am wondering if any of you have had noise complaints from neighbors while running the carver? I ask as I'm waiting to order a carver when stock is replenished.

12-17-2006, 05:23 PM
You've posted to the test forum which is really just intended to learn how to post. You're more likely to get a response by posting to one of the other forums. I'd recommend posting this message in the CarveWright Machine forum.
For myself, I find it to be about as loud as a typical router that you might buy at Sears or Lowes. It's not really any louder than most woodcutting tools such as a circular saw (but my circular saw is rather old).

12-17-2006, 07:17 PM
As I am just entering the world of the veterans, how do I send the same question to the correct forum ?

12-17-2006, 07:28 PM
I have read many of the forum comments and am wondering if any of you have had noise complaints from neighbors while running the carver? I ask as I'm waiting to order a carver when stock is replenished.

I live on almost 3 acres, none of my neighbors have complained yet

12-17-2006, 08:10 PM
As an old country boy, now in the city, new to this forum, can any one really answer how I get to the correct forum of the veterans of the carvers world, seaking an answer to the neighbors complaint about the noise from the "carver" in action?

12-18-2006, 07:14 AM
Looks like someone has already moved the post for you. You're in the zone now!

12-28-2006, 02:24 AM
So this is about as loud as a normal sized hand router?

Maybe this is a better question, are earplugs a good idea? :)

12-28-2006, 08:30 AM
Yes, earplugs are a good idea, especially if you are struck by the fascination to stand and watch it work for a while.

12-28-2006, 09:43 AM

My workshop is in my garage which has a kitchen door connection. When I'm in the garage and the machine is running, it's pretty noisy, unless I put on my noise cancelling headset (a boon to people who fly a lot) or shooters ear protection it does tend to be a bit noisy, but not as loud or disturbing as my daughters music when she was a teenager. The sound, however does not carry far and inside the house with the door closed, you can hear it in the background, but it doesn't disturb even fairly quiet TV or radios being played, and the neighbors will never notice it either to the sides (where you can hardly hear it anyway even when close to the wall, or across the street in a "normal" sub-division. Hope that helps.


12-28-2006, 10:50 AM
Thanks for your replies.

This certainly helps gauge the loudness. Although personally I could almost care less how much noise it would make, I do live in a city and the duration would be potentially for hours at a time... unlike a quick zip of a saw blade.

The only place I could put this machine would be in my basement, needless to say it's a small 'shop', but hey... we all start out somewhere :)

12-28-2006, 10:56 AM
There's been some talk somewhere here of a sound reducing enclosure. Carvewright made one for their show demos. You might do a search.

12-28-2006, 03:35 PM
I measured the db's on mine during a carving and it was between 85 and 90 within a few feet of the unit. Dropped to about 80db 10 feet away. It was a lot quieter than I feared it would be...
Trouble is that when it is doing vector routing, it is so cool to watch it that your face gets pulled close to the window, so ear protection is needed for sure.
Maybe a wireless web cam is needed...

12-28-2006, 05:42 PM
Maybe a wireless web cam is needed...
And an interior light for better viewing. :D :D :D

Old Salt
12-28-2006, 08:16 PM
I made what I call a phone booth with french doors , to run my machine in . have room for carver , and vac. I start machine & when the noise gets to me i close doors. Cut 85% of sound but can sill hear any change in sound, to ck on progress or change bits. Works well . can do other work with it runing with out it driving me up the wall.
the size is 6 x 8 with 2 picture windows -at 45 degree and a set of french doors in center inslated walls and ceiling added light above carver. Mounted carver on stand with casters so I'm able to move it out for longer boards and cleaning up .
Got some pictures of the shop . I even sweep floor.