View Full Version : Designer Version 1.028 Released

05-19-2006, 06:06 PM
Designer version 1.028 is now available from the "Check for Updates" option in your Help menu. Macintosh beta testers can re-download the updated DMG file from the same link you used before. Updates in this version include:

* Machine will now collect failure trace information
* Added feature to scale groups of figures together
* Added feathering above board for quality
* Added resizing and moving of groups when only the parent is selected
* Added Carving List icon for path-type carvings
* Added "Close" option to File menu
* Added prompt when flexshaft lubrication is required
* Improved sharpness of corners in routed paths
* Improved support for asian and middle-eastern text entry
* Improved Calibrate Offsets function to reduce bit noise
* Widened toolbar numerical entry boxes
* Fixed prompting for cutting bit on back side of board
* Fixed size display for double sided boards
* Fixed paste between instances of Designer software
* Fixed error when saving patterns with no name
* Fixed Peaks texture zeroes that don't feather properly
* Fixed several machine sleep/wakeup conditions
* Fixed potential crash on older systems with thousands of fonts
* Fixed import of image types through pattern toolbox
* Fixed problem grouping carvings on back face of board
* Fixed occasional program hang during project upload
* Fixed carving ordering problem when clipping
* Fixed several issues with image import procedure