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04-21-2006, 03:24 PM
Has this happened to anyone else?
I've never heard such a racket in all my life. Hubby was jointing (using the J002 3/8 straight bit) on the edges of a 2 boards. Did 6 sides and on the 7th halfway up the board...the bit dropped out and created a heck of a mess to the board and machine. Totally ruined the new bit and chinked and bent the sliding guide tab release lever.
We are getting ready to try just carving something in a test board to see if it still works.
The chuck has never truly locked open and stayed up to put a bit in it. Is it supposed to? We also have one bit in the set that won't go in, no matter what you do with it. I don't want to try the other bits till we get this figured out.
Looking for some input and guidance here.

04-21-2006, 03:58 PM
Make sure your bits shaft is not sticking above the holder too much , this will prevent the bit from locking into the head, especially the 1/2" bit, there is limited room in the head for the 1/2" shaft. You can measure this by inserting an empty1/2" bit adapter in the head and then inserting a 1/2" dowel about 3" long until it stops and then mark it at the end of the adapter. Later Daniel

04-21-2006, 05:07 PM
Shari, I had this happen when I was using a 1/2 shaft 90. I sent the bit and connector to CW. When I talked with Chris I learned that the bit cannot extend more than 6/10 of an inch into the holder. Shortly after I had one of the bearings on the Y axis of the cutting head fall out. CW sent me a bill of lading and my machine was returned and repaired very promptly wit no problems since.

I am not sure if the bit flying around had anything to do with the bearing, however it was shortly after the bit fell that the bearing fell.

After the bit came out I did some carving and I had no problem loading a bit. If a bit loads successfully and securely and the cutting head is not loose or wobbly perhaps you should try the machine.