View Full Version : Designer Version 1.026 Released

04-11-2006, 05:52 PM
Designer version 1.026 is now available from the "Check for Updates" option in your Help menu. Macintosh beta testers can re-download the updated DMG file from the same link you used before. Updates in this version include:

* Added arc centerpoints
* Added parallel and perpendicular tools
* Added support for alpha mask when importing images
* Improved text centerlining quality
* Improved ability to select and drag line segments
* Improved Calibrate Offsets feature for better centering on length
* Improved aux roller tracking
* Fixed problem measuring the length of more than one board
* Fixed machine settings corruption issue
* Fixed depth offset correction during Calibrate Offsets
* Fixed carving of tops of text
* Fixed enabling of depth entry box in bit select dialog
* Fixed occasional hang when closing windows
* Fixed error when cutting pieces exactly one inch in thickness
* Fixed slow length measurement of board
* Fixed occasional "Possible Board Removal" warning