View Full Version : Installing a bit

03-25-2006, 09:42 AM
I had a bit get thrown from the machine while doing an 'OUTLINE' carving. The bit was a 1/2 90 degree v groove.

When I installed the bit in the holder initially the 1/8 gap was measured from the bottom of the cutting head to the top of the nut. When I tried to put this in the cutting head it would not snap in place. It appeared the shank was too long to successfully lock in. I moved the bit a little to shorten the exposed shank and the bit loaded to the cutting head. After tugging and pulling I felt the bit was in securely. The carving commenced normally and completed two letters when the bit was thrown from the head.

The bit was new from Woodworkers supply. I used thread locker and the bit did not move in the holder.