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    Introducing Designer 3.0

    What was added with Designer 3.0?

    • New Make Vector Group for v-carving effect.
    • New Materials for adding from selection of effects or customize your own.
    • New Patterns along a Trajectory similar to Text along a Trajectory.

    Designer 3.0 is available as an upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 ($200) or as a Full License ($300) for those going from 1.187 to 3.0.

    See attachment for more information on the use of these tools:

    Designer 3.0 includes all of the features introduced in 2.0.

    Designer 3.0 was a major software rewrite that was introduced in July 2014 as an upgrade option. While maintaining the same familiar look and feel, ease of use and features of it's earlier versions, the underlying architecture of Designer 2 was rewritten to allow future features that were not possible before.

    Included with Designer 2.0 & now 3.0, are these new features:

    • Flow text around lines, curves, and arcs
    • Bend and warp both text and patterns
    • Lithophane previewer (OpenGL 2.1 or higher required)
    • Project view now available in both portrait and landscape
    • Preview patterns, projects, and libraries before you load them
    • Text displayed on the board while you type
    • Improvements to Centerline algorithms make cutting faster & cleaner (Centerline is an available advanced feature that is not included in 2.0)
    • Puffing is now available to use on Raster Text (3d Pattern Modeling Suite is required and not included in 2.0)
    • All registered licenses from Designer 1.XX will still work in 2.0
    • Deep Carving is now available in version 2.004 (long bits required)
    • With the purchased add-on, you can use Rotary software (purchase required)

    Originally introduced in 2006 as the proprietary software for use with the CarveWright System, Project Designer software is as full featured and powerful as many much more expensive applications available. Since that time, LHR has provided customers with free updates and options for advanced features such as Centerline Text, Conforming Vectors, Keyhole Function, DXF & STL Importers, Vector Drawing & Pattern Modeling Suites.

    Rather than being forced to purchase all of the software at once, customers are able to add only those advanced features they need and grow their system as their skill levels and project requirements necessitate. This building-block pricing structure means you can get started with very little investment and take advantage of LHR's many sales throughout the year.

    More information about Designer 2.0 or 3.0, videos, Step-by-step Tutorials, FAQs and installation instructions, are available at www.carvewright.com.

    Go here to purchase the correct Designer 3.0 Upgrade.
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    This Month’s New Project of the Month:

    Previously Featured Project of the Month - October 2014

    The Floral Fascination Box project will make a wonderful gift for any special occasion!

    The design features two separate storage sections. The two tongue and groove sliding lids will protect the contents of whatever "fascinating" items the recipient chooses to stow (jewelry, accessories, knick-knacks or even candy).

    All components are carved and cut out using just the 1/16" Carving Bit and the 1/8" Cutting Bit. No other bits are required.

    The completed project is about is about 4" tall x 7" deep x 12" long

    Difficulty Level = BASIC

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    This month's special offer for members of the CarversClub is:

    10% off Any Decorative Bit

    For this month's special we are offering a 10% off any decorative bit, sold both individually or as the 11-piece set. Don't forget any rubber stop collar or 1/4" split collet that you may need. Specify your adapter type when ordering.

    Use the special code that you received on your email during checkout.

    Order the CarversClub Subscription and register before the end of the month to receive this special offer plus 11 more!
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    I did have to take a year off for a job I was needed at. You know, retired so you think. Anyway been a VERY SLOW project between all the other projects. Finished the headboard today. Did the Armoire first which is over 6' tall, then the dresser, finally the headboard. Thanks to those that provided the patterns and Mrs. Sharon for showing what paint can do to a project and I ain't no painter All is out of Red Oak and each piece weighed somewhere around a ton. Basement shop, out the small garage door, around the house, up the steep hill, and into the house. Did I mention steep hill? After sanding the finish is Lawrence McFadden Natural Oak Gel Stain. CarveWright did one heck of a job. Great Going LHR! And the forum that kept me going and did not give up on the machine when I first got it and had to learn the curve for this particular machine. That is a king size bed in the room.
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    CarveWright 2014 Conference

    REVOLUTION: Rise of the Machines

    June 26-28, 2014 - CarveWright hosted our 4th Annual Conference at South Shore Harbor Resort & Conference Center on the southern shore of Clear Lake half-way between Houston and Galveston Texas.

    Approximately 85 people attended the event including special Guest Speakers who spoke on various topics of interest to CarveWright owners and prospective buyers. Classes from beginner level to advanced level were held and topics of interest to all included, creative finishing techniques, selling your wares at craft shows and we were introduced to some very "outside of the box" uses for the machine and accessories.
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    One of the daughters wanted a house for her cat. This is what I've come up with so far. Do any of you recognize ...
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    It's been a few weeks since my last post. I seem to either have no time or nothing to share. The attached photos are of ...
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    The new & improved CarveWright forum now includes an activity stream, highlighting the last 30 days of forum activity.

    Just click "What's New?" under the CarveWright logo to check it out!
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    Now on each post made to the forum, you can give it a "thumbs up".

    You can also check post rankings, based on the number of thumbs up from the "What's New?" page, on the "Thumbs Up? Center" tab at the end.

    The Thumbs Down option was removed.
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    Find a START U member in your area for a demonstration, sales support or training. Visit our website to find a member near U or sign up to become a member yourself. We will also publish Training Seminars as they are available.

    Click HERE for the CW START U site.
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    New UserGroups are forming all over the US & Canada. LHR is assisting in connecting customers with volunteer coordinators.

    If you would like to find a group in your area or help get one started, fill out the FORM.
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    NEW in the Third-Party Store!

    Until now, inspecting your project has been difficult without the use of a flashlight or desk lamp. The CarveLight illuminates the interior of your Carvewright CNC with a 6600 Lumen light.

    This light makes the inspection of your project easy and efficient. It also provides sufficient illumination for the inspection and repair of your interior components.

    Add dust collection to your system!

    Two great options; one great solution for sucking out dust where it is created and before it attaches to your machine parts & electronics!

    ingneck Blues' DC Insert


    Erwin's Dust Devil Insert
    CLICK HERE for more information.
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    CarveWright System now can be followed on our new Facebook Page.

    Click HERE to go there now.

    If you already have a Facebook account, click "LIKE" to become a Fan and share with your friends, then watch us grow!
    If you don't yet have an account, you can Sign Up for this terrific social networking platform with over 500 million active users.

    Sign up for our CarveWright Online Newsletter HERE
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    $150 for annual subscription

    Become a CarversClub Member to take advantage of the following:

    • Exclusive Monthly offers such as:
      • Rock Bottom Pricing on CW Products
      • Free Patterns
      • Discounted Projects
      • Reduced Conference Pricing

    • 25% off any necessary labor costs
    • Complimentary testing of parts
    • Elevated phone support for non-warranty machines


    Sold as a one year subscription only. Activated subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    NOTE: This is NOT the Project of the Month Subscription.